Landscape advice: a gourmet garden

Landscape advice: a gourmet garden

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Gluttony is a nice defect that you have to know how to cultivate with poetry and generosity. With a touch of imagination, a few good ideas and lots of aromatic plants and red fruit shrubs, even the most modest of gardens can turn into a little epicurean paradise where to receive your dearest friends.

How to arrange a garden to receive?

At aperitif time, guests relax in lounge chairs, inhaling the scent of lavender and blooming roses. A planter on wheels slides on the slate terrace and allows you to pick a sprig of mint or verbena to enhance your glass of lemonade or cocktail. While the vegetable skewers are browning on the barbecue, discussions continue around the garden bar. Small scissors cut a few leaves from the basil and chive plants that grow in the center of the bar. When the feast is over, the guests get up to pick the dessert in the garden: currants, raspberries, strawberries and grapes are so much better when they have just been picked. Finally, large outdoor poufs invite you to take a nap in the shade of the canopies ... Happiness!

The landscaper's idea

In this garden, the guests pick the herbs, radishes and fruits they want to taste. The tastiest varieties were planted in handy planters and a channel was dug in the center of the bar to plant aromatics, with drainage for rainwater. More simply, we can also install a basil planter in the center of the table!

The accessories

The garden bar If more and more brands offer garden bars, you can also have it custom-built according to the dimensions of your terrace. It can hide a full outdoor kitchen or a simple barbecue.
The bin on wheels The wheeled bins overflowing with salads, mint and verbena bring a lot of personality to this garden. If you don't find any in your garden center, consider placing your bins on a skateboard!
Zinc planters Several zinc planters are hung along the garden kitchen, within easy reach of the cook. Install a bar or a simple shelf to place them, and voila!


Berries Currant (Ribes rubrum "Wilder"), blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum "Bigno"), raspberry (Ribes idaeus , "Violet" "Topla" and "Surprise d'Automne"), strawberry, early grape vine, blue Muscat vine…
aromatic Peppermint, salad, chives, radishes, rosemary, bay leaf sauce…

Estimated budget

The budget for developing this garden depends a lot on the quality of the materials and accessories. Count at least 2000 € for the bar, the stools, the canopies, the covering and the plants… Our practical garden videos