Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean my sink, my mirror and my trash

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean my sink, my mirror and my trash

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After cleaning the bathtub, here is the turn of the sink, the mirror and the trash can in my little bathroom. Today, I arm myself with a bottle of white vinegar, baking soda, essential oil of tea tree, a sponge, a cloth, a small basin and possibly an old toothbrush.

Clean the sink

Before cleaning the sink, I take care of the objects that are enthroned on the ledges: soap dish and cup. Which are not very exhilarating.

In the soap dish, there is soap residue. I take my wet sponge and easily remove it - with the help of an old toothbrush for the corners. As for the cup, a little washing up liquid helps me to remove all the deposit.
Now the sink as such. You don't change a winning team: I bring out my favorite white vinegar - it had already helped me clean my washing machine! The extra thing this time: I add a few drops of tea tree essential oil - which has fungicidal and anti-bacterial powers - to my white vinegar. With my sponge soaked in this mixture, I clean the sink - without forgetting the tap and the underside of the basin. I leave the vinegar in the tea tree for a few minutes then I rinse with clear water. I wipe with a cloth and my sink shines brightly. Tip also: my tap was not very scaled, but if yours is, don't hesitate to soak it overnight in a water + vinegar mixture thanks to a freezer bag that you will have hung on the tap to overcome traces of limestone.

Wash the mirror

To clean my mirror - which has suffered from toothpaste splashes ... - I start by mixing a little white vinegar in hot water, I dip a cloth that I wring well and I clean with circular movements. I wipe with a cloth.

Scouring the trash

It's the dustbin's turn! I empty the trash.
And ... white vinegar! Because a trash can can sometimes be roughed up, I reiterate my mixture of white vinegar + essential oil of tea tree. I soak my sponge, clean my trash - not forgetting any nook. I leave for a few minutes and rinse. I end up shining with a cloth. The extra tip: I add a small spoon of baking soda to the bottom of my trash can before replacing a new trash bag to eliminate potential bad odors. And today, I managed to do everything in 15 short minutes!

What you must remember

White vinegar unzips limestone. Over the days of our cleaning challenge you will understand, white vinegar is a great, natural anti-lime - and not expensive! Baking soda is a good anti-odor. Another versatile and very effective ingredient in our household toolbox, baking soda! In addition to its whitening action, let us quote its anti-odor powers! Tea tree essential oil is fungicidal and antibacterial. Here's an ingredient you don't necessarily think about: tea tree essential oil. Pure, it is very effective for treating acne pimples but in the house, it will be of great help to prevent the formation of mold and to disinfect. And tomorrow ? We take care of the walls and floors of the bathroom as well as the toilets.