Thoroughly clean your car before going on vacation

Thoroughly clean your car before going on vacation

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A few weeks before the big departures on vacation, you choose your destination, you make your reservations and you change your wardrobe. In the long list of things to do before departure, the preparation of your vehicle has an important place. Of course, you will have to carry out the overhaul and certain maintenance work such as draining. But you will also need to clean your car well before going on vacation. How to do ? Here are our tips.

Step 1: Get rid of

The first step to properly cleaning your car before the holidays is to get rid of it. Dare to throw away or put away everything that has no place in the vehicle. Provide a pocket for storing important papers such as the car registration document, the vehicle guide and its maintenance book. And make sure you have the "essentials" like a pair of emergency glasses, sunglasses, a pen, a statement, a breathalyzer, vests, a triangle, a can of motor oil and a glass cleaner. In the car, it is useful to have a cloth like a chamois to make the fog from your windshield disappear in a single gesture.

Step 2: Vacuum

Once your vehicle is empty, vacuum all the spaces: the floors, the seats, the different compartments, the trunk, the storage compartment, etc. To optimize this step, do not hesitate to change the tip of your vacuum cleaner. Use the fine tips for the compartments and the brush for the seats. If your car is really dusty, vacuum the plastics.

Step 3: Clean the fabrics

Because you carry everything with your vehicle or because children have a snack there, the seats must be cleaned. For this, prepare a bucket of water and add shavings of Marseille soap. Using a well wrung out sponge or washcloth, clean the seats. If possible, do this step on a sunny day. So your vehicle will dry faster in the sun!

Step 4: Make the plastics and the windows

To make the plastics and the windows, mix clear water and lemon. Then soak a cloth and clean. Once the windows and plastics are clean, wipe with a dry cloth to complete the cleaning. You can use cleaning products for this step. If you make this choice, ventilate your vehicle after cleaning it.

Step 5: Clean up

After cleaning the vehicle, you can sanitize it. To do this, air it out for a few minutes and then drop a few drops of essential oils here and there. Use essential oils of lavender or eucalyptus, they are neutral and not very aggressive on the nose. Avoid commercial diffusers, they are artificial, very strong and can cause headaches.

Step 6: Wash the vehicle

Finally, the interior of your vehicle is clean! Now you have to attack outside. For this, nothing like a washing station. Simply roll your vehicle or opt for the karcher. When the washing is finished, wipe the windows with a cloth to limit the traces.

Step 7: Make the levels

Your vehicle is clean! Before the big departure, think about making or redoing the levels. Finally, check the tire pressure and, if necessary, change your wipers. Good holidays !