The 5 corners you always forget to clean

The 5 corners you always forget to clean

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Discerning dirt on large surfaces is easy. What is less so, however, is to pay attention to these innumerable nooks and crannies out of sight that accumulate dust over time. gives you his tips for cleaning 5 corners generally set aside.

The corners of the lights

Lampshades, floor lamps, ceiling lights ... On the wall or above our heads, they are there, in evidence, and yet we tend to forget them. Did you know that clean light bulbs produce 20% more light? For effective bulb cleaning, take a microfiber cloth. If you have recessed spotlights, carefully remove the bulb and dust the interior with a feather duster. For your plastic or stainless steel lampshades or light fixtures, very lightly spray a mixture of hot water and white vinegar on a cloth.

The corners of switches and multiple sockets

Second recess often forgotten: switches and their tiny recesses that accumulate bacteria and dust over the days. Because they are in constant demand, it is necessary to clean them regularly. For safety reasons, never flush devices with electrical contact with large amounts of water. Always disconnect the power strips and cut the power. In both cases, polish the corners with a microfiber cloth.

The recesses of the door handles

Door handles or these bacteria nests. For brass door handles, nothing could be simpler: remove all traces of dirt using disinfectant wipes or a soft cloth, dry or moistened with a little water.

The hidden corners of the kitchen

Over time, the edges under the worktop or the recesses of cupboards collect dust, traces of grease, even food residues. To preserve the quality of these surfaces, avoid bleach, chemicals or acids, as well as abrasive sponges. Prefer a sponge soaked in dishwashing detergent or lukewarm water with white vinegar.

The hidden corners of the windows

Frames, joints, fittings… so many hidden corners that go unnoticed. For effective cleaning, avoid ammonia and rough products and use soap. Again, choose the sponge or microfiber cloth.