Step by step: how to redo the tiling of the toilets?

Step by step: how to redo the tiling of the toilets?

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Step 1: A little reflection

Before you start, a precaution is essential: if you decide to keep the old tiles and add a thickness, check that you will not encounter problems by reconnecting the drain.
Indeed, if the outlet of the bowl is horizontal (visible outlet behind the WC block), plan if possible an extension of the discharge chute, or a flexible sleeve to counteract the elevation.
If this is not possible, you will have to remove the tiling from the WC to find the original level.

Step 2: Turn off the water supply

The first thing to do is to cut off the water supply by closing the tap. Then, flush the toilet to drain as much water as possible. Keep the basin and the mop close to you, they will be useful for the rest, because there is a little water in the siphon of the bowl which could drain.

Step 3: Remove the bowl

Before, it can be interesting, to trace on the ground the contour of the bowl with the marker, to know the acceptable limits not tiled under the WC block. It will be necessary that the edges of the bowl rest entirely on the tiling, and that it is level, this is the only constraint. Remove the fixing nuts. If you do not see the screw slot or the hex head of the stud, it is probably because there is a cover, pull it to remove it. Unscrew and remove the two screws on either side of the bowl. Grab the bowl and pull up, it should pop out. You are ready for the installation of your new tiles in the WC!

Step 4: Protect the evacuation

To avoid inadvertently obstructing the drain which is now in the open air, and to limit unpleasant odors while working on the ground, circle the drain using plastic and elastic. You will be quiet during the works.

Step 5: Tile

Start by tiling the bottom of the room, which will allow you to return to the entrance to the toilet! Attention to the installation of the first tile, it must be flat (use a level), because it will become the reference for the installation of the other tiles. The ideal is to check the level with the ruler each time to be sure that your toilet will rest flat on the floor.

As you are going to replace the toilets in the same place, you will have to point the existing fixing holes. Before gluing the tile, locate where the fixing holes are in the floor, and point them on the tile.
For cutting the drain, use an angle grinder: it is better to do it outside, because the grinder will generate an impressive amount of dust.

Step 6: Install the joints

Once the tiles have been laid, wait for them to dry before laying the borders. Spread the joint with a spatula, and wipe with a sponge having given the joint time to harden a little (refer to the explanations on the box).

Step 7: Replace the bowl

Redo the fixing holes to the drill at the locations previously identified. As in step 2, replace the bowl and make the necessary connections.

Put back in water and check the closing of the door, if it comes up against the tiling, it will be necessary to plane the bottom or place rings for hinges to raise it.