KCook from Kenwood, the food processor for less than 400 euros!

KCook from Kenwood, the food processor for less than 400 euros!

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The new Kenwood kCook multifunction food processor is a revolution in the household robot market. Offered at only 400 €, it defies the Thermonix of Vorweck displayed for 1000 euros!

A simple and compact model

Its appearance may seem rudimentary but Kenwood has " wanted to put its technology within everyone's reach "and" allow daily and easy cooking for the whole family ". Indeed, the kCook does not claim to be a direct competitor of the high-end machines on the market but offers a quality product that is more accessible and less expensive. Like any multifunction robot, it is easy to use. You just have to prepare your ingredients, program the kCook and it's ready! This kCook is a precious help in the realization of your everyday recipes. He will assist you in making dishes for 4 people because he has a 2.4-liter stainless steel bowl. In addition, kCook includes a book of 200 recipes and has developed a free recipe application on smartphones. Kenwook has thought of everything!

Messy accessories

To make it even easier for you to prepare meals, the kCook offers 3 accessories: - The chopping knife: It chops and cuts vegetables, herbs and fruits. It mixes soups, compotes ... - The mixer: it is ideal for simmered dishes, sauces or creams - The steam basket: it cooks healthy and without fat Practical, the kCook allows to cut and cook in a single container. In addition, a measuring bowl and a spatula are also provided. Three automatic programs are available to you: to make simmered dishes, sauces or soups or for steam cooking. You can program it as you wish. It also offers the choice between three temperatures (65 °, 92 ° and 100 °). At the editorial, we find that the Kenwood robot is a good alternative to make everyday life easier in the kitchen, without having to spend a fortune!

Available in white and gray colors. Price: 400 € More info on //