Tollens unveils the 5 new 2016 colors from the Flamant paint collection

Tollens unveils the 5 new 2016 colors from the Flamant paint collection

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When the designer of decoration Flamant joins the expert in painting Tollens, this gives a collaboration of paintings imagined to create decorative harmonies in line with the art of living Flamant. For 2016, the duo unveils a new collection of 5 shades that are both authentic and contemporary.

Colors to enhance interiors

Intense greens combined with elegant roses, here are the shades that join a collection of 128 Flamant shades and 16,000 harmonies offered by Tollens. New colors designed to reveal the personality of each room but also to offer them an intimate atmosphere.

Ballerina, Boa, Diva, Sixties and Zulu

5 new names to travel in decoration. Boa is a verdigris inspired by the English style. It brings timeless elegance to a living room or bedroom thanks to an intense shade that will wonderfully reveal more neutral and natural tones. For a more exotic but also contemporary atmosphere, Zoulou offers a clay-inspired khaki that will blend easily with other natural colors but also with blues or roses.
Fresher, Sixties is a bright green inspired, as its name suggests, from the 60s. We combine it with natural colors for an optimistic interior that uses color with discretion.
Inspired by feminine cosmetics, Ballerina is a powdery shade, a pink tinged with beige that brings softness and femininity to any decor. We appreciate it for its discreet sophistication and easy to marry. A true rose, Diva softens the most contemporary interiors with an elegant feminine note. It is easily associated with neutral tones.
These new colors are available in "wall matt" for a matte touch, powder finish (from 67 euros for 2.5L), Lack Matt for a very resistant mat paint (from 38.50 euros for 1L), and Wall & Wood Satin for a satin finish from 32.50 euros for 1L).
More info on the collection on the Tollens website. On sale in the Flamant and Couleurs stores in Tollens.