Raynaud and Fromental reinvent paradise

Raynaud and Fromental reinvent paradise

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Created with the complicity of a great name in English decoration, Fromental, the Raynaud porcelain manufacturer signs a new enchantment: a decor from the wallpaper collection of the British brand "Chinoiserie". This represents an exotic and luxuriant nature inhabited by butterflies and birds of paradise. A virgin and welcoming nature that invites you to travel and dream. A tribute to the decorations of the East India Company that André Raynaud loved so much.

A new page in the cross story of Raynaud and the decorators

After partnering with the carpet designer and decorator José Cristobal and the florist Christian Tortu, Fromental returns with his new collection called Paradis. This new collection in Limoges porcelain illustrates the meeting of two houses with distinct know-how but nevertheless very close: Raynaud, which favors the subtlety of the decor over the classicism of the form and the brand of wallpapers Fromental which is placed between historic classicism and avant-garde of London fashion, to create contemporary and timeless decor.

Raynaud: a long tradition of collections of oriental inspiration

The choice of decor naturally imposed itself on the brand. Raynaud being the heir to a long tradition of collections of oriental inspirations, mostly from the heritage of Andre Raynaud. Passionate about antiquity and ancient Chinese porcelain from the 18th century, in the 1950s and 1960s he launched a series of decorations called "Compagnie des Indes", inspired by the collection of his friend Alliaume, a Parisian antique dealer and service collector. old. The color work and the installation of these decorations on original forms sign subtle and mastered reinterpretations - like the Si Kiang, beautiful example of an "Old Marseille" decor, typical of earthenware services made in the south of France in 18th century and transposed; elegantly on porcelain. Today, Raynaud is recognized as a unique porcelain which claims its difference and which is perceived as a reference of international renown.

The Paradis collection

Leaves, foliage, flowers, butterflies and birds of paradise, treated in solid color, flourish in two spirits that complement each other: rigorous exoticism and classicism. Two spirits that form a harmonious whole! A refreshing and exotic table service that allows everyone to compose their table according to their mood.
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