How to waterproof cracked tiles?

How to waterproof cracked tiles?

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Is your tile cracked? Before proceeding with repairs, you must waterproof the tiling so as not to damage the floors, walls or the whole covering. Although the change of tiles must be done by a professional, waterproofing can be done by everyone. How? 'Or' What ? Here are some answers.

Act quickly when facing cracked tiles

Cracked tiles can have serious consequences. To reduce the risk of damaging walls, floors and coatings, it is imperative to waterproof the cracked area pending the intervention of a professional. To do this, you must first stop the crack by resealing it with a silicone seal. Then apply a sealer to protect the tiling. Be aware that this step is recommended even if you opt for a new coating.

Define the cause of the crack

A repair is not complete if the cause of the crack remains unknown. Indeed, if you cannot find the origin of the crack, the repairs can be useless. A tile may have been broken due to the fall of a heavy object, due to a sloppy installation or poor workmanship or because of the absence of the expansion joint, etc.

Call a professional

Whether to determine the cause of the crack or to carry out repair work, it is highly recommended to call in a professional. He will advise you, change the cracked tile (s) or install your new coating after treating the old one.
Our advice : If like many of us you have a wall tile in the water rooms, know that your joints must always be in good condition. These are the ones that provide waterproofing between the bathtub and the wall, or between the sink and the bathroom cabinet.


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